Whether you need to comply with a regulating agency such as the United States Department of Transportation, if you are looking to screen prospective employees, or if you would like to get tested for personal use we are here to help. We offer three services which encompass all of your testing needs, such as but not limited to:


  • DOT: Our United States Department of Transportation Certified Urine Drug Screening Collectors will conduct a urine collection in compliance with all procedures as outlined by the US DOT.
  • Rapid Dip Panel: Our certified collectors will conduct an instant drug screening for immediate negative results and independent laboratory confirmation for presumptive positive results. Choose from a 6, or 11-panel screening to test for all substances prohibited by your Drug Free Workplace Policy.


  • DOT: Our United States Department of Transportation Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians will conduct an Breath Alcohol Test in compliance with all procedures as outlined by the US DOT.
  • Non-DOT: Our Breath Alcohol Technicians will conduct a Breath Alcohol Test using strict procedures to ensure the safety and viability of test results in the event of a legal dispute. All paperwork and evidence necessary will be provided to the employer within 24 hours.


  • Whether you need to confirm paternity or maternity for personal, legal, or ancestral reasons, our certified DNA / Paternity Collectors will conduct a DNA / Paternity Collection according to strict, legally admissible procedures and provide the results with an extremely fast turn-around.

For more information on DNA Paternity Testing, Drug Screening, or any of our services please contact us by calling our office at 855-722-6695 for more information

DNA Paternity Testing

DNA Paternity Testing may conjure images of daytime talk-shows and dramatic fights between couples over the lineage of their

DNA Kinship Testing

This test may be requested for immigration and sponsorship purposes, but may also be utilized for tribal enrollment purposes as well.

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Breath Alcohol Testing

Employers complying with the US DOT regulations and/or a Drug Free Workplace Policy may be required to administer a Breath
Alcohol Test.

DOT, Non-DOT Drug Screening

Also known as the Rapid Dip Panel, Drugs of Abuse screening service, the Non-DOT Quick Drug Screening service is designed for those employers who
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