Drug Testing Courses Launches BAT Instrument Proficiency Training for the AlcoSensor IV, RBT IV, and AS VXL, RBT VXL Evidential Breath Testing Devices

Easler Education, Inc., Drug Testing Training Company and owner of DrugTestingCourses.com and affiliate to Binary Biometrics Inc. announced this week that it has expanded its course offering to include United States Department of Transportation Breath Alcohol Technician Instrument Proficiency Training for the AlcoSensor IV, RBT IV, and AS VXL, RBT VXL Evidential Breath Testing devices. This new set of courses has been made possible in partnership with the manufacturer of the devices, Intoximeters, Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri.

The new training courses are expected to attract more students to the hybridized online and in-person adult education company and to ensure that new technicians are proficient in the best devices available to the market. Students who successfully complete one or more of these courses will be able to perform breath alcohol tests using one or two of the evidential breath testing devices which appear on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Conforming Products List. All Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs) performing alcohol screening and confirmation must utilize and become proficient with an Evidential Breath Testing Device appearing on this list in order to complete alcohol screening and confirmation.

The AlcoSensor IV, RBT IV system is currently one of the most popular devices on the market, accounting for a wide range of organizations including law enforcement and government agencies.

Andrew Easler, co-founder and instructor for Easler Education, states that, “the AS VXL, RBT VXL system is an easy-to-use device known to have the reliability of an RBT IV device, but implements the level of next-gen technology technicians who haven’t used an Intoximeters RBT IV device have grown accustomed to—and some fantastic new features as well. It is the best of both worlds and is bound to be the next generation of alcohol testing.”

DrugTestingCourses.com is adding these programs to its already expansive host of other classes related to drug and alcohol testing including United States Department of Transportation Breath Alcohol Technician Qualification Training, United States Department of Transportation Urine Specimen Collector Qualification Training, and other non-DOT courses such as Hair Sample Collection, and even DNA Paternity Testing Collector courses.

For those who are new to the industry or are interested in starting their own drug and alcohol testing business, the company currently runs a promotional $75, online-based Drug Testing Business Overview course which is designed to prepare collectors and/or technicians for entry into the growing industry. Upon course completion, the successful student is provided with a $100-course credit available for use on any course on the DrugTestingCourses.com website.

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