Mobile Employee Drug Testing

Many employers have employee drug testing performed at random intervals in order to ensure the members of their workforce are not abusing harmful substances. Drug testing is also needed before obtaining certain professional licenses, or whenever a worker is injured on the job. Many companies that need to have these screenings performed could benefit from the mobile drug testing services offered by Binary Biometrics Inc.

Who Could Benefit

A number of groups could benefit from mobile drug testing including law enforcement agencies, child day care centers, schools, and health care facilities to name a few. Students who are training for careers in health care might also need to undergo drug screening in addition to a background check. As a result, the colleges that offer these programs might want to consider mobile drug testing on campus in order to make it convenient for their students to get screened.  Probation officers may want to initiate random checks on some of the individuals assigned to them, and mobile testing is one way to ensure there are high levels of compliance with this directive.

How Mobile Screening Works

Mobile drug testing works just like testing would at a laboratory or medical clinic with a few exceptions. The company who is requesting these drug screenings will need to provide a secure restroom for participants to use during the course of the test. They will also have to make sure the testing area is off limits to everyone except those who are being screened. Binary Biometrics staff members will bring all the materials required for employee drug testing, and will also make sure any necessary paperwork is filled out as well. Individuals will only need to show a photo I.D. and verify some basic information on these forms in order to undergo testing, which will take only a few minutes to complete.

Advantages of Mobile Testing

Perhaps the biggest advantage of mobile drug testing is the fact that it saves time for everyone involved. Those who are being tested no longer have to drive to a clinic and spend an endless amount of time waiting their turn to be tested. Employers will not have to wait several days or even weeks for everyone to finish the process, since all subjects will be tested at one time. Not only will mobile drug testing save time, but it can also be performed at a very low cost. In fact, this mobile service sometimes costs less than what other providers charge to do testing at their location. Information is kept confidential, and is never shared with outside entities that do not need to access it.

Mobile drug testing can be beneficial to Florida business managers because it saves time, reduces costs, and ensures that the maximum number of people possible can be tested. Binary Biometrics provides excellent service in a professional manner in order to help companies with the burdensome chore of employee drug testing. Those who are interested in finding out more about this service can call the company for more information.

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