Hard Card Scanning & Re-Printing

What is Hard Card Scanning & Reprinting?

Binary Biometrics offers a specialized service for individuals who conduct interstate or international business or services requiring that they become multiply licensed. These licenses typically require that the individual receive Level 2 Background Checks through the jurisdiction they are expanding or maintaining their license with.

In addition, this can be the service that keeps on giving. A client who has just expanded their license into Florida now needs to renew their license in Illinois, since we give our clients the opportunity to keep their records secured in our files, we can reprint those records and submit them for registration in the other state as allowed by the local jurisdiction.

Who is this best suited for?

Our most frequent clients for this service include mortgage and stock brokers, debt collectors, traveling nurses, and executives and employees of national corporations in industries such as healthcare and online education. Anyone who may move or travel outside of the state to work may benefit from this service as well.

How does it work?

All we need is one set of good electronic prints. We can either roll them electronically at one of our offices or we can accept them as part of our out of state fingerprinting service. Once we have your prints, simply complete the Secure Hard Card Request Form. When you are ready to have your records reprinted and remitted, simply give us a call and provide our research team with the application or licensure information. Based on that information and the rules for background checks at the regulating agency we will either: reprint the record and remit it to your office for the application or handle the background check on our end directly with the requesting agency.

How much does it cost?

To retain a set of records, the cost is $12 a year (just one dollar a month!)

To reprint one record and ship to your office (includes shipping), the cost is $15. Some states may require additional cards, which may be added for $5 per additional card.

To work directly with the regulating agency to complete the background checks, the cost is dependent upon the requesting agency. Please call our office to get an accurate cost.

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