Mobile Drug & DNA Testing

All of our drug, alcohol, and DNA Paternity testing services are available as a fast, convenient, and reliable mobile service for a small additional fee. Our technicians are trained to be discrete and will even arrive in unmarked cars upon request.

Why choose Binary Health Services for Mobile Testing?

Our mobile technicians are career collectors. That means they are trained in and have mastered every service we offer.

An injury at the workplace? No problem. Our mobile technician will be there to conduct both the alcohol and drug screening as necessary.

Need to determine the paternity of a child, but can’t make it to the office? Our mobile technician will bring the office to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home on your time.

Conducting a random drug test at work? Don’t send your employees out for the test and miss what can be hours of work, have our technician come to your site and conduct the test(s) on the spot.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Can your technician meet in a public place or the side of the road after an accident?

Alcohol tests can be performed wherever relative privacy can be maintained. Urine drug tests can be performed using a public restroom, provided it may be blocked off during the collection process.

What level of discretion can I expect?

Our technicians are trained in discretionary practices and will even arrive in unmarked cars upon request. Note any special requests when booking your technician.

What kind of space should I prepare for the technician at the office?

The technician will need a room with relative privacy and a surface to write on. He or she will need to prepare a bathroom for urine collection (such as placing tamper-evident tape on faucets and bluing agent in the toilet(s) to prevent water usage). For DOT collections under special and rare circumstances, the technician may need to conduct a monitored or an observed collection and may require the assistance of another employee or DER of the technician’s opposite sex.

I have other things to do, do I have to be with the technician the entire time?

No, it is not necessary for the Designated Employer Representative (DER) to be present during the entire process. It will be much more efficient if the DER assists in locating and identifying employees to be tested, however.

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