Regional Partners

Hello, and welcome to Binary Biometrics’s Regional Partnership Program.

[accordions] [accordion title=”ABOUT US:” visible=”yes”] We are a fingerprinting service agent (called aLivescan Provider here in the US) based out of Florida, USA. We specialize in assisting out of state and out of country applicants with getting their fingerprints and background checks completed for US compliance primarily with Florida regulating agencies and employers. You can view our site and services here: [/accordion]
[accordion title=”WHY WE NEED YOU:”] We have a demand for national and international fingerprinting services for our applicants, but our type of fingerprinting requires additional training because it specifically uses the FBI FD-258 fingerprint cards and requires a SAP30 compliant digital photo taken at the time of fingerprinting. At the moment,there are extremely few fingerprint service providersthroughout the US who are qualified and set up for this and even fewer outside of the country.

This is why we are reaching out to professionals to see if they might be interested in becoming our exclusive Regional Partner in areas in which we have demand, but are not represented.
[accordion title=”HOW IT WORKS:”] The process is simple. Applicants based in the Regional Partner’s area contact us with their fingerprinting needs; we book them in, instruct them on the procedure, and refer them to the partner’s office to set an appointment tocomplete fingerprints; once completed, the appropriate forms are remitted to us, and partners are compensated accordingly. [/accordion]

  • Must be in a location in which we are not represented
  • Must have a professional physical office location which is easily accessible and centrally located
  • Must have a dedicated space for fingerprinting services
  • Must be able to paint a dedicated wall or hang a screen for picture backgrounds
  • Must be proficient in the English language
  • Must have reliable and secure access to the internet
  • Must be available for appointments Monday through Friday; weekend appointments and mobile services ideal
  • Must have access to and an understanding of shipping costs and prices to Florida from your area

[accordion title=”BENEFITS:”]

  • Ridiculously high margins (only the cost of labor, ink, and paper)
  • Professional customer traffic, brand recognition, and opportunity for cross-selling of services
  • Minimal work and time commitment
  • Thorough training, supplies, and reference materials provided
  • Binary Biometrics does most of the paperwork and takes care of payment (except shipping)
  • Responsive 24/7 Support from Binary Biometrics to assist with client inquiries
  • Access to our fingerprinting network for your external clients applying in your jurisdiction
  • Submit to other states we are approved with (always growing)

[accordion title=”HOW TO GET STARTED:”]

  1. Book an appointment for a consultation call to discuss your options here or below
  2. Sign agreement
  3. Order supplies
  4. Complete online training
  5. Complete one mock fingerprint service to determine proficiency and preparedness; ask questions
  6. Get location listing on Binary Biometrics website
  7. Start earning money fingerprinting our referral clients!
  8. Consider other services we can help you offer including DNA, drug, and alcohol testing here


If you have other questions regarding this program, please feel free to reach out to the Regional Partner coordinator, Andrew Easler at [email protected]

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