Out of State Fingerprint Card Scanning and Livescan Submission


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Binary Biometrics is an approved FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) LiveScan service provider and is one of the only service providers that offers out of state level 2 background check submission to the FBI and the FDLE by using a card-to-electronic (Livescan) fingerprinting and submission scanner.

The Process

The process is very similar to the way we take them electronically with a few extra steps added to the process.

If you are an out of state resident who is applying for licensure within the State of Florida then you will have to visit your nearest police department who can take your fingerprints on a fingerprint card. When this is complete you will need to download and fully complete our customer information form.

Delivery and Submission

Please include:

  1. Completed PDF Information form
  2. One (1) clear, color copy of two (2) forms of identification (only 1 needs to be a government-issued photo ID, the other needs to have a printed name i.e social security card, voter’s registration, bank card, and need not be government-issued)
  3. The completed fingerprint cards
  4. Payment: credit card, money orders and personal checks are acceptable forms of payment. If you are paying by credit card, please complete and enclose the credit card authorization form.
  5. AHCA/DCF applicants may need additional documents visit this page to learn more.
  6. Before you send in your information make sure you decide if you would like the optional a retention program.

Send all documents with tracking to:

Binary Biometrics
508 N Harbor City Blvd, Suite 102
Melbourne, Florida, USA

If all required documents are not received per above instructions, your submission will be delayed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-855-SCAN-MY5 (1-855-722-6695).

How Long Does It Take?

We scan and submit the same day we receive your card, all forms, and payment. The process, once transmitted, usually takes between 24-72 hours for the departments to process and submit the background check to your organization and update to your profile.

Keep in mind, all time frames are approximate, it may take more or less depending on several factors.

The LiveScan Guarantee

All of our out-of-state card scanning and conversion to LiveScan come with our LiveScan Guarantee.


Payment is required for the fingerprint processing. Pricing can be found on our pricing page.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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