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About Us

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Binary Biometrics is a Florida-based company that provides data processing services for the local, state and federal agencies for the purposes of compliance, screening, and verification services across the United States and the world, and help all types of companies and individuals comply with local, state and federal laws involving background checks, licensing, as well as limiting and mitigating the potential risks associated with hiring employees and renting property to tenants.

Binary Biometrics was founded with the components that all experienced entrepreneurs are familiar: the drive, ambition, skill, vitality and personal sacrifice it takes to build a company with a solid foundation and a promising outlook.

We value integrity and steady, planned growth over inflated projections and promises of rapid growth or high and quick returns. We trust teamwork over showmanship. We don’t live in the past but are not blind to it. We learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others and move forward.

There is a unique perspective that we bring to the table when we do business. This originality, coupled with our founding principles, is what makes us who we are.