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Background Checks

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People who are seeking work in certain industries may be required to undergo a background check. This type of background check is more in-depth than others are, as it collects biometric information on an individual and then compares it to a nationwide database.

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What it Includes

A background check includes information about a person’s criminal history and motor vehicle records. In checking one criminal history, local, state, and federal databases will be searched, in addition to checking sex or violent offender databases. In many cases, information about an arrest can be obtained even if one criminal record has been sealed or expunged. The background check is then run against a national database in order to determine if an individual may have previously been arrested under an alias.

When are they Required?

A background check can be mandatory for those who regularly interact with minors. Some examples include teachers, scouting volunteers, and daycare workers. It can also be required for those who wish to work in any area of law enforcement, as well as those who are applying for certain professional licenses. Many organizations will require their workers to undergo this background check if they handle large sums of money or have access to other people’s Social Security numbers. The exact requirements for each occupation vary from one state to the next and can even vary amongst companies.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a  background check is the fact that it provides much greater detail about a person’s criminal history. This is important whenever an individual has had multiple addresses, as a normal background check might miss some very pertinent information. It gives employers peace of mind in knowing their workers are trustworthy and reliable. It can also bring comfort to others when they know that individuals in a certain organization have been thoroughly screened, especially when they trust these people with their children. This background check can be performed within a fairly short timeframe and is relatively inexpensive as well.


Companies that frequently require workers to undergo a background check can be faced with some unusual challenges. There is the chance that paperwork could be lost, misplaced, or not get submitted in a timely manner. Workers who process these background checks will need to be well trained in order to ensure they follow all the right procedures, such as checking identification. In many cases, hiring a private company such as Binary Biometrics to perform these background checks would make sense since they provide excellent service, are reasonably priced.

Companies that require thorough background screenings typically choose background checks for all their workers. Binary Biometrics is a leader in performing these background checks and can help hiring managers complete this task efficiently and economically.

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