Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

AHCA Background Screening

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Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) requires that professionals in certain medical positions undergo background screening before they can obtain a license or employment. An AHCA background screening is in-depth, and will involve checking both statewide and national records.

Who Needs this Screening?

Section 943.0525 of the Florida Statutes indicates the occupations which require an AHCA background screening. They include most licensed medical professions if that employee is expected to provide “direct care or services or have access to client property, funds or living areas. In some cases, volunteers must also undergo this background check. Mental health care volunteers must also submit to a background screening unless they work less than 10 hours per month. Hospice care volunteers must also be screened if they provide direct care to patients. Those who oversee mental health training programs for students must also have this background check performed.


In order to receive a rating of eligible on an AHCA background screening, individuals must agree to have their criminal history researched and be willing to provide a photo and submit to fingerprinting. Criminal records will first be checked against a database of statewide records by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Once that is complete, the AHCA fingerprinting records will be submitted to the FBI where they will be checked against a nationwide database. The FBI will also check criminal records databases from across the country in order to determine if an applicant has previously been arrested in another state.

Photo Option

As an additional option for those in most healthcare professions, the Agency for Healthcare Administration has now offered to retain the fingerprint and background check records of those who submit fingerprints with a Livescan photo attached. While Binary Biometrics offers this option, not all LiveScan service providers are equipped with the hardware and software to offer this service. What’s more, Binary Biometrics was the first and may be the only provider in the state to integrate this option for all out of state applicants in accordance with the SAP30 requirements.

Mobile Fingerprinting

Medical facilities and colleges often need to have several AHCA background screenings performed at one time. In this instance, a mobile AHCA background screening can be a convenient way to ensure that all of them are completed in a timely manner, while also making it convenient for applicants to complete this task. Binary Biometrics Inc. is a Florida company that provides mobile background checks and fingerprinting to large groups. They will bring their equipment into classrooms or offices in order to facilitate the process, and are often able to perform this service at the same cost or lower than their non-mobile competitors will.

Other Information

Of course, there may be times when single individuals need to schedule an AHCA background screening. In these instances, Binary Biometrics Inc. has an easy online scheduling platform that will allow individuals to set an appointment time that is convenient. Payment can be made online at the time the appointment is scheduled as well. At a screening appointment, applicants will need to provide a picture I.D., and provide demographic information such as their race, height, weight, date of birth, sex and Social Security Number. After an AHCA background screening is complete, the requesting agency will be able to access a database that will provide them with the information they need for hiring.

AHCA background screenings are an effective way to protect Florida patients in healthcare facilities across the state. Binary Biometrics Inc. is a leader in performing these background checks, thereby helping promote patient safety while also assisting medical treatment facilities in completing the hiring process.