Background Checks and Sex Offenders LiveScan Matters

If your business is in certain industries, such as childcare or hospitals, you already know your employees must pass a Level 2 background screening. However, there are other industries where employees may come in contact with young children or the elderly. While a traditional background check may provide some peace of mind in these situations, it may not provide all the information you need to protect yourself and your clients, especially if the potential new hire is a sex offender.

Sex offenders are required to register when they relocate to new areas, but that doesn’t always happen. While there are stiff penalties associated with failing to register when a sex offender moves from one state to another, there are always those who miraculously manage to slip through the cracks, sometimes for several years. If you perform only a local background check on a potential new hire, you won even find out about crimes that occurred in other states. This means you could be hiring someone who will not only present a risk to your clients but could also have the power to bring down your entire company if you are found legally responsible for his or her actions.

LiveScan Matters

When you conduct a LiveScan fingerprint background check, the results of your inquiry come from the Department of Justice. This means that you will be able to determine whether a potential employee has committed a crime in any other state prior to moving to Florida. While this is obviously a major benefit for recruiters all the way around, it’s even more beneficial for those whose employees are around children or mentally impaired persons.

LiveScan fingerprinting is a digital method of taking fingerprints. This method eliminates potential mistakes due to over or under-inking and makes sure that the prints are clear. After being taken, the prints are electronically sent to the DOJ for checking. Not only does this protect your organization from those who commit local crimes, it also ensures faster, more reliable results from every state so you know exactly whom you are thinking about hiring for your open positions.

Protect yourself and your clients; make sure to include LiveScan fingerprinting as part of your background check.