Florida Childcare: Understanding LiveScan Requirements

Whether you are hiring for a business related to childcare, or you are looking for employment in one of these areas, you may need LiveScan fingerprinting. The following are the requirements for LiveScan to ensure you remain in compliance.

Children Service Providers

Anyone who works in a capacity that requires them to serve children, which includes a number of providers, including:

  • Day Care
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Foster Homes including parents and other adults who live in the home
  • Residential Child Care
  • Recreation and Summer Camps This includes owners/operators and all employees that work a minimum of 10 hours each month.
  • Any owner, operator, financial officers, and directors working in facilities that provide services to children

Dependent Children

Foster families, guardians, adoptive parents, and any others who are being considered as potential placement options for dependent children require LiveScan fingerprinting.

Hospital Personnel

In addition to the doctors and nurses who work in hospitals, other employees may be required to have LiveScan fingerprinting as well. These additional employees include unlicensed staff members, such as those who work in a custodial or dietary capacity, and who are required to work in psychiatric units. Any staff members or volunteers who are required to work in these types of units are considered mental health personnel under the statutes. In addition to the Level 2 screenings, these staff members are also required to meet other screening requirements as well.


While many are unware of it, volunteers who work with children a minimum of 10 hours per month, or who work in psychiatric units are also required to have LiveScan fingerprinting in order to be in compliance with Florida statutes. Volunteers who work with developmentally disabled adults and children for more than 40 hours per month are also required to have this type of fingerprint background check as well.

Direct Care and Mental Health Providers

Employees in mental health care facilities and anyone who works directly with children require Level 2 fingerprint scans. Additionally, any employees who will have direct access to an adult or child’s personal property, living area or funds is also required to have LiveScan fingerprinting.

In Florida, the statutes are very clear for those who work with children or those who are mentally impaired. Whether you are doing the hiring, or being hired, it is important to ensure that you meet these requirements.