Six Month

LiveScan® Guarantee

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Our LiveScan® Guarantee is Simple.

If you ask Binary Biometrics, to process your background check and you receive an FBI Level II Background Screening fingerprint rejection letter for insufficient quality within 6 months of submission date let us know and we will immediately schedule a new appointment to re-capture your fingerprints and your data and then transmit the new record to the FBI a second time at no cost to you. For customers who live out-of-state or out of our service areas (international), simply mail Binary Biometrics three new hard-cards (FD-258 or FD-258 equivalent) along with your rejection letter and we will convert, process, scan and transmit the data to the FBI at no extra charge. Note: The LiveScan Guarantee® only applies to rejections based on print quality. You must show proof that your prints were rejected by the FBI for the transaction Binary Biometrics sent on your behalf, including a full copy of your rejection letter. Hard-card-to-electronic conversion applicants must provide at least three unique fingerprint cards to qualify unless they are reprints of electronic captures. If you provide incorrect data or an outdated or inaccurate ORI number, the LiveScan Guarantee® will not apply and you will be responsible for paying for another submission.