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Optional Attorney Review of the Background Check with Legal Consultation (speak with an attorney for up to 30 minutes) is also available for an additional $99.

In our evolving business world, knowing who we are doing business with or doing a transaction with is fundamental in the pursuit of a successful transaction. Laws and contracts help, but, oftentimes bankruptcies and other collection issues have consequences beyond what an attorney can do to enforce the terms of the transaction. More and more, background checks are used to help people know their partners and give a background history that helps people and companies make informed decisions.

Our background checks are used by Law Firms to assist in knowing more about a person before a business relationship occurs, and also for collection and litigation related services.

The background check includes the following information:

  • Assets
  • Criminal Background
  • Driving Record and infractions
  • Relatives
  • Contact Information
  • Associations
  • Certifications
  • Business Ownership
  • Places of Residences
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • and more

This background check provides information throughout the United States including municipalities and counties and utilizes databases from all fifty (50) States. International background checks and due diligence is also available by calling:

You can also add the service to speak with an attorney to discuss the report and your legal needs associated with the report. The consultation with the attorney is an additional $99 and lasts up to 30 minutes. The law firm will contact you to schedule the consultation with the attorney after the report has been delivered to you.

By Ordering below, you are certifying that you are ordering the report for a proper business purpose or legal reason.

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