School Employee Fingerprinting

Parents put a great deal of trust in those who come in contact with their children on a regular basis. In order to provide parents with peace of mind, Florida law requires a number of occupations to fingerprint their employees before being hired, including school workers. Binary Biometrics provides school employee fingerprinting to districts throughout the state of Florida.

The Law

Florida Statute 1012.465 governs school employee fingerprinting and requires all workers to undergo a Level 2 background screening as well. Level 2 school employee background checks involve a detailed search into state and national databases in order to uncover criminal records from other states if applicable. All school employees to include interns are subject to this law; however, individual school boards have the final say as to whether or not certain offenses are disqualifying.

Fingerprinting Process

The school employee fingerprinting process is initiated by the personnel department of a particular school district. This department will issue applicants the necessary paperwork that is needed in order to have fingerprinting performed. In some cases, this can include a bar code that is used when submitting digital fingerprints. After having fingerprints taken, the results will then be reported to the school district, who may then make a job offer if no criminal record is discovered. Should a criminal history be reported, the matter will then typically go under review by the school board unless the record indicates a violent act or sex offense, as those crimes will automatically disqualify an applicant.

Contractor Requirement

Certain contractors who must obtain access to school property while classes are in session must also undergo school employee fingerprinting. Even so, the law is somewhat more lenient in screening these workers than they are those who come in direct contact with children. In addition, contractors who visit multiple school districts need only have school employee background checks performed one time, as each one will share information with others in the state. Certain workers could also be exempt from screening if they are under the direct supervision of an individual who has already passed a detailed background check.

Binary Biometrics Advantages

When it comes to school employee fingerprinting, there are a number of advantages to using Binary Biometrics. This Company is an authorized Livescan vendor in the state of Florida, and is therefore eligible to take digital fingerprints whenever possible. Not only does this make the initial screening go more smoothly, but it also allows fingerprints to be submitted digitally so that background checks can be performed quicker. As a result, applicants won’t have to wait as long to be hired, and school systems will also be able to fill vacancies much sooner as well.

When it comes to fingerprinting school employees, no one is more efficient at doing this than Binary Biometrics With service to a number of Florida cities, workers in dozens of school districts can benefit from their friendly, affordable and timely service to help them meet the statewide requirements necessary for their position.