What Is LiveScan?

LiveScan, sometimes referred to as Live Scan, is a special service that can be used to help create the necessary documentation and testing to go through a Level 2 Background Check. This is a background check that is provided for jobs that require a high level of trust and are almost always associated with government on some level. This is a detailed search that goes through all the biometric information gathered on an individual from testing and can include fingerprints and DNA blood tests.

When a job requires work around sensitive documents or the need to keep confidentiality, it’s important to know that a person being hired can be trusted. If you need a Level 2 Background Check then it’s time to trust a qualified biometrics company to help run that background check and get the information that you need in order to move forward.

What Are Tests Like This Like?

Aside from the full recording of fingerprints and checking them for any sign of police or criminal background, a LiveScan fingerprint will check every database available to see if there are any hits and record any potential issues that would stop an applicant from getting clearance. Local, State, and Federal databases will be checked to see if anything pops up at all and if not, then clearance might be a possibility.

Benefits of Full Fingerprinting

The full benefits of a LiveScan are obvious. This gives much more details on a person’s background, lets you know if there is anything to worry about, and it goes beyond even a criminal history. Even the littlest piece of information that might seem suspicious will come up. It’s one thing to look at a piece of paper and have to take an applicant’s word for it, but after a fully vetted background track you’ll be able to have a peaceful easy feeling from knowing an applicant is clean.

In Conclusion

Sometimes you need a lot more than a simple background check, and that’s where biometric services like LiveScan come in and can help take care of all the tedious and difficult, but absolutely necessary, background checks that are part of the process. Most human resources departments simply aren’t equipped to go that deep into the process and that’s where working hand in hand with a top notch provider can prove to be the best possible decision for everyone involved.