Department of Elder Affairs Vendor Fingerprinting

In 2010, significant changes were made to the Florida law concerning those who work with “vulnerable Floridians” to include those of advanced age. As a result, a number of people will now need to undergo Department of Elder Affairs vendor fingerprinting before providing certain services to this segment of the population.


Department of Elder Affairs vendor fingerprinting ensures that those who care for senior citizens will not harm them or take advantage of precarious situations in order to benefit themselves financially. This is important, since family members cannot always care for their loved ones themselves, and must therefore rely on the help of others in order to ensure this care is possible.

Direct Service Provider

According to Florida law, anyone who is considered to be a “direct service provider” must undergo Department of Elder Affairs vendor fingerprinting. A direct service provider is one who is over the age of 18 and provides services to the elderly via “face-to-face contact” and also has access to a client’s living area, personal property, funds, or personally-identifying information. As a result, nearly anyone who works in or around elderly patients could be required to undergo the necessary screening process in order to keep or maintain employment.

Possible Exemptions

The employer will download an Affidavit of Compliance from the Department of Elder Affairs website. Part of this form will be filled out by the applicant in order to determine if an exception for Department of Elder Affairs background checks are possible. These are allowed for workers who have already submitted to a Level 2 background check due to licensing requirements for their particular occupation. Many positions qualify for this including nurses and attorneys. Relatives of a particular patient and volunteers who work less than 20 hours per month are also exempt.

Fingerprinting Process

Once the affidavit is complete, it can then be submitted to Binary Biometrics so that the appropriate set of digital fingerprints can then be taken. All the applicant will need to do is present the completed form along with a photo ID and address to forward results to. A method of payment such as cash, personal check, American Express, Visa or MasterCard will also be required. Fingerprints will be digitally scanned so that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement can conduct the background check on behalf of the applicant.


After receiving the results of Department of Elder Affairs Vendor fingerprinting, the FDLE will then forward the results to the individual employer. It is then up to that organization to notify applicants as to the results of the background check. At no time will Binary Biometrics maintain results or forward them to interested parties. By not keeping track of this information, individuals can feel more comfortable knowing that their personal information is being held in the strictest confidence and not being shared unnecessarily.

Binary Biometrics is proud to play an important role in senior citizen safety by facilitating Department of Elder Affairs vendor fingerprinting. Their mobile service is available in a number of Florida cities, and an appointment can be obtained by calling 1-855-SCAN-MY-5.