Day Care Center Employee Fingerprinting

Since 2009, those who provide childcare must undergo daycare center employee fingerprinting in the state of Florida. Advocates for this new law claim that requiring fingerprinting along with a Level 2 background check will help to ensure safety of Florida children, and no one is arguing the fact that this very well indeed might be the case.

Who is required?

Daycare center employee fingerprinting is required for anyone who works in a state licensed facility such as a daycare center, preschool, or child enrichment program. These day care center employee background checks are required of all workers, to include supervisors, managers, and even the owners of these companies. Volunteers in these organizations can be exempt as long as they work fewer than 10 hours per month and are under the direct supervision of someone who has already passed a thorough background screening.

What is Included?

Day care center employee fingerprinting will allow the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to communicate with state and federal law enforcement agencies in order to obtain a detailed criminal history. These fingerprints will also be used to scan sex offender databases and child abuse registries as well. The result is that individuals who pose a threat to children will be identified before they are hired so that potential problems can be avoided altogether.

The Process

At the time of an interview, an employer will provide the applicant with the necessary paperwork that’s required in order to complete day care center employee fingerprinting. After that, an appointment with a vendor such as Binary Biometrics can be made in order to complete the fingerprinting process. This company provides service to a number of locations in Florida, and can also come to a particular place of business in order to process several individuals at one time. Fingerprinting takes only a few minutes, and results are transmitted electronically to law enforcement officials so that the screening process can begin immediately.

What is Needed?

When undergoing day care center employee fingerprinting, individuals will need to provithe appropriate form from their employer along with a photo ID and method of payment. It will only take around five minutes to process a single applicant, which means that an appointment does not have to be overly burdensome. A professional staff member will digitally scan a candidate’s fingerprints, leaving no messy ink behind to worry about. Once fingerprints have been taken, the customer is free to leave, and will be notified by the requestor as to the results as soon as they become available. This is normally between one to two weeks in most cases, but could be expedited in extreme situations.

Having daycare center employee fingerprinting performed by Binary Biometrics is a good idea for a number of reasons. With their highly trained and experienced staff members, fingerprints can be taken efficiently so that those who are looking for a job will have one less thing to worry about. To take advantage of their expert service, call 1-855-SCAN-MY-5.