Vero Beach Fingerprinting and Level 2 Background Checks

Florida law requires a number of occupations to screen candidates by performing Level 2 background checks before making a job offer. If you’re looking to start a new career, Vero Beach fingerprinting could be needed before you are able to secure yourself a new position. Turn to Binary Biometrics a leader in mobile fingerprinting and background checks, to help you in this endeavor.

Who needs Fingerprinting?

You could need Vero Beach fingerprinting if you plan on working with children or the elderly. Florida law requires those who have access to the living space of “vulnerable residents” to undergo fingerprinting and a criminal records check. Likewise, certain professional licenses can only be granted to individuals after they have successfully passed the requisite background check. A few examples include police officers, insurance agents, Realtors, teachers, attorneys, and most healthcare workers.

The Process

Vero Beach fingerprinting is performed as a condition of employment so that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement can perform a thorough criminal records check. In doing so, they team up with federal agencies such as the FBI in order to check national databases. This requires fingerprints to be submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement so that they can perform the statewide check before forwarding them to federal entities. Electronic submissions provide more timely results, and there is also no chance for fingerprint cards to get lost in the shuffle.

Binary Biometrics Benefits

There are a number of reasons to choose Binary Biometrics, Inc. for all your Vero Beach fingerprinting needs. Perhaps the biggest one is the fact that they offer a mobile fingerprinting service to large groups in order to make this task more convenient. Many times, this can be done even cheaper than the amount you would pay for a non-mobile service. Their friendly and experienced technicians will complete your fingerprinting in only a few minutes, and will ensure that all the required paperwork is accurate and complete. They offer a number of convenient payment methods, and will also forward the results directly to the requestor so that you won’t have to worry about doing that.

What to Bring

When you visit Binary Biometrics for Vero Beach fingerprinting, you’ll need to have the name and address of the requesting party so that your results can be forwarded to the proper authorities. You’ll also need a picture ID that shows your full name and address on it. We never ask you for your Social Security number; however, you should be aware that certain agencies will require you to supply this information in initial paperwork you fill out with them.

No matter what your reason for needing Vero Beach fingerprinting is, Binary Biometrics, Inc. is the one to turn to. They provide mobile service to a number of Florida cities, including Vero Beach. To set up an appointment, you may visit their website, or give them a call at 1-855-SCAN-MY-5 to set up a time that is convenient for you.

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