Binary Biometrics Now Scans Out-of-State Fingerprint Cards and Submits Livescan Background Checks to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Binary Biometrics Inc, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) approved vendor, is now capable of providing out-of-state paper fingerprint card scanning services for out-of-state professionals who wish to provide services to residents of Florida and are required by law to complete a Level 2 Background Screening in order for the regulatory agency to issue or renew a license.

“This is great news for professionals such as mortgage brokers, financial advisors and teachers because this new service means that they don’t need to travel to Florida to get scanned. In addition, any professional from anywhere in the United States can now request a fingerprint card from Binary Biometrics, visit their local police station to have fingerprints rolled on to the out-of-state fingerprint card (FD-258), and then send the completed paper card to Binary Biometrics. There, your prints are scanned using special software which converts and then submits the livescan fingerprint data to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement”.

Prior to the introduction of this service, professionals who were seeking a license in the state of Florida would be required to make a special trip to have a LiveScan Level 2 Background Screening service provider capture and submit their prints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement because other states’ electronic fingerprinting equipment do not communicate with the various regulatory bodies in Florida.

Individuals who are interested in using Binary Biometrics for their out-of-state fingerprint card scan and submission services can contact 1-855-SCAN-MY-5, or begin online by going here.