Florida Bar Applicant Fingerprinting

A Florida statute now requires all law students who wish to take the bar exam to undergo fingerprinting first. One way that bar applicants can obtain the necessary fingerprinting is to contact Binary Biometrics, Inc., a Florida-based company that provides fingerprinting for a number of different occupations including lawyers.

Fingerprinting Rules

Florida bar applicant fingerprinting rules are governed by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. Prior to sitting for a bar exam, individuals must first register as a student and then apply to this board for a chance to test. Applications must be submitted no later than November 15 each year in order to take the test in February the following year, or by May 1 in order to take the exam in July. These deadlines ensure that there is enough time to process the application and fingerprints prior to taking the exam, as those who do not pass an initial background screening will be ineligible.

Good Moral Character

The purpose of Florida bar applicant fingerprinting is to ensure that individuals who practice law here possess “good moral character.” As such, these fingerprints will be used to determine one’s criminal history, as being convicted of certain crimes could make an applicant ineligible for admission to the bar. Among the offenses that have the potential to be disqualifying are those related to fraud, financial irresponsibility, perjury, violating a court order, or offenses related to drugs and alcohol. An offense will not necessarily disqualify a person, as age at the time of the incident and efforts toward rehabilitation will all be considered as well.

Why Binary Biometrics?

Since many people will undergo Florida bar applicant fingerprinting while they are still students, it makes perfect sense to contact Binary Biometrics to get this done. That’s because this company can perform mobile fingerprinting at a law school in order to make it easy for everyone to have it done. In many cases, it is even less expensive to use their mobile service than it is to have it performed by one of their competitors. Law students can save time and money, while also ensuring they meet the deadlines set forth by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.

What to Expect

When having Florida bar applicant fingerprinting done by Binary Biometrics, all that’s needed is for individuals to show a form of photo identification and then pay the required fee. Accepted methods of payment are cash, check, or credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Technicians will also need the mailing address where results are to be sent. The entire process will only take a few minutes, and results will normally be available within one to two weeks in most cases.

Aspiring attorneys have one less thing to worry about when they use Binary Biometrics Inc. to perform Florida bar background checks for them. They serve a number of cities throughout the state of Florida, and provide quick, efficient, and friendly service to everyone they come in contact with.