Guardian Ad Litem Fingerprinting

In law, “ad litem” is a term that means “for the purpose of the suit.” Consequently, a guardian ad litem is someone who is appointed to represent the interests of another during legal action. In Florida, guardian ad litem fingerprinting is required in order to act in this capacity, and can easily be obtained by contacting Binary Biometrics Inc.

When are Guardian ad Litems Used?

A guardian ad litem is typically used anytime there is a case involving an unborn child, minor, individual with a mental handicap or an elderly person who can no longer make rational decisions. These individuals talk to all parties concerned in order to determine what would be in the best interest of the person they represent. In many cases, the appointee is an attorney, but volunteers may also be used as well. An appointee must be of sound moral character, which is why guardian ad litem fingerprinting is required by the state of Florida.

Guardian ad Litem Background Checks

Guardian ad litem fingerprinting is required is because the Florida legislature recently amended a statute regarding the qualifications of such individuals. This amendment now makes it necessary for these workers to undergo a Level 2 background screening before they can be appointed. A Level 2 background screening will search local, state and federal criminal databases in addition to running a person’s fingerprints in order to determine if he or she has ever been arrested under an alias or is missing from police custody.

The Process

Guardian ad litem fingerprinting can be performed rather simply. All that’s required is some form of photo identification along with a method of payment at the time of the appointment. Binary Biometrics will then ensure that all the necessary paperwork has been filled out correctly before proceeding with fingerprints. Since they are an authorized Livescan vendor in the state of Florida, an applicant’s fingerprints are usually taken electronically, which eliminates the need for messy ink and “do-overs because the fingerprints are not clear enough. Once fingerprinting is done, Binary Biometrics will forward them to the appropriate agencies so that the Level 2 background check can be completed.


In some cases, there may be groups of volunteers who wish to undergo screening at the same time. Binary Biometrics Inc. makes it easy for them to do this with their mobile fingerprinting service. They serve a number of cities in Florida, and can easily come to a workplace or school in order to process several individuals at one time. Their staff members are highly trained, professional, and efficient in their duties. Not only that, but they are also affordable, and may even offer group discounts whenever there are a certain number of people who need to be screened.

Guardian ad litem fingerprinting doesn’t have to be a hassle when it is performed by Binary Biometrics Inc. Whether it’s only one person or a group of people, they’ll provide prompt and efficient service to everyone they come in contact with.