Realtor Fingerprinting and Background Checks

In Florida, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation oversees the licensing of real estate agents. This agency requires Realtor fingerprinting to take place before a license can be granted. Those who are interested in obtaining a Florida license can easily have their fingerprints taken by contacting Binary Biometrics

Purpose of Fingerprinting

Real estate agents regularly visit private homes unaccompanied. As a result, it is important to ensure that those who become licensed agents undergo Realtor fingerprinting first. Doing so will enable the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to perform a thorough criminal background check on each applicant. This means that consumers who place their homes up for sale can have greater peace of mind in knowing that Realtors who show their property are trustworthy and honest.

The Procedure

In order to obtain Realtor fingerprinting, those who have completed the necessary education must contact an authorized Livescan vendor such as Binary Biometrics. This enables them to have fingerprints taken digitally, which also ensures greater accuracy. Applicants will provide an originating agency identification number to the screening provider so that results can be properly forwarded. After showing identification and filling out some preliminary paperwork, a technician will then scan the fingerprints, which takes only a few minutes to complete.

Realtor Background Checks

Realtor fingerprinting is done as part of an overall background check that includes local, state and federal criminal records. Not only is an applicant searched for by name, but his or her fingerprints are also compared against nationwide databases as well. In many cases, this can result in unsolved crimes being solved; however, that is not the main purpose for fingerprinting. Running fingerprints is actually intended to uncover criminal convictions that may not have showed up on an initial search. As a result, it’s less likely that an individual will fall through the cracks, and become licensed when he or she shouldn’t be.

Mobile Fingerprinting Options

Since groups of students may need to have Realtor fingerprinting performed at the same time, it makes good sense to contact Binary Biometrics. That’s because they have a mobile fingerprinting service that can come to any location in order to serve large groups of people at one time. By making this process more convenient, students will be able to focus more on passing the Realtor exam instead of worrying about making an appointment to have fingerprinting performed. Best of all, their mobile service is often less expensive than it would be to use a competitor who does not provide on-site fingerprinting because of the group discounts that are offered.

When it comes to Realtor fingerprinting, Binary Biometrics provides service to a number of Florida cities. They have professional and courteous technicians who will handle each transaction with the utmost care in order to ensure timely and accurate results. Give them a call today and find out why so many other real estate agents have relied on them to meet their fingerprinting needs before becoming licensed.