Melbourne Florida Livescan Fingerprinting

Many companies and professions require you go through fingerprinting before you can start work such as schools, medical professions, caregivers of children and elderly, CPAs, notaries, and other similar jobs. Some places where you volunteer may also require a fingerprint scan. Binary Biometrics provides Melbourne livescan fingerprinting, along with the rest of Brevard County. Before you visit to get your fingerprinting done, there are a few things you need to know.

What to Bring

If you have been asked to get Melbourne livescan fingerprinting by a company or agency, they will provide you with a form. You will need to bring that with you, along with a state issued photo ID or passport. The form will instruct the company where to send the results of your Melbourne livescan fingerprinting. If you have not been provided a form for your Brevard County livescan fingerprinting, then you should talk with the agency or company requiring your fingerprinting. Typically, the forms differ depending on the situation for the scans. Although the staff will help you when you arrive, they may not be able to provide you with the necessary document, so you should come prepared.

The Fingerprinting Process

Getting your Melbourne livescan fingerprinting performed is easy. Typically, you do not need an appointment and can just walk right into the store. After you have handed over the form and they have checked your ID, then they will begin the fingerprinting process. You will have each finger on both hands scanned into the computer using a special scanner and software system. The person performing the Melbourne livescan fingerprinting will press your fingers on the scanner to take the images and then send them safely and securely directly to the Department of Justice or FBI in order to perform the background and security check on you through the Brevard County livescan fingerprinting.

What Happens Next

The images from your Melbourne livescan fingerprinting are sent right away to the Department of Justice or FBI for checking any criminal background. The results will be sent directly to the agency or company requiring your fingerprints within three to seven business days. Rarely, Melbourne livescan fingerprinting may be rejected due to bad images. This typically only occurs if you have calluses or scars on your fingers. If that happens, you may be asked to try again. You should also be aware that the Department of Justice or FBI does not share results with other agencies or companies. If you are requested by someone else for the same service, you will have to redo your Melbourne livescan fingerprinting.

Whether you need Melbourne livescan fingerprinting for a job or to volunteer, you can get it easily and professionally done at Binary Biometrics. As long as you have your form, photo ID, and the money to pay for your Brevard County livescan fingerprinting, you will have your results done in days and you can begin your job. You do not even have to worry about ink staining your fingers when you undergo Melbourne livescan fingerprinting.