Brevard County AHCA Background Screening

Within the healthcare industry in Florida, it is required by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) that you undergo a Level 2 background check, which includes state and federal fingerprint checks for any criminal records. With this AHCA background screening, you can be cleared to work as a health care provider or employee within the healthcare industry. With Binary Biometrics, Inc., you can easily get the screening done in Brevard County.

What is AHCA Background Screening?

AHCA background screening is basically just a fingerprint check to ensure that you have no criminal record, or at least an acceptable criminal history. You go to a location, like Binary Biometrics in Brevard County, and have livescan fingerprinting performed. Once you have had your fingerprints taken, the results are sent to the FDLE and FBI in order to check them against criminal records. The results are then sent to AHCA and posted onto the background check results website. If you for some reason are rejected, you will be contacted. The process usually takes 5 to 7 business days. If for some reason your AHCA background screening is incomplete or rejected, you will also be contacted by the AHCA.

What you need for AHCA Background Screening

You do not need much for your AHCA background screening. First, you need to find a livescan location, like Binary Biometrics, Inc. in Brevard County. You also need a form requesting the service. This form will detail where the results of the fingerprinting will be sent. You also will need your photo ID, like a driver’s license, passport, or some other state issued photo ID. You will additionally need to pay for the services. You can find out the price through looking at the AHCA website or contacting the livescan location. As long as you have those three things, you are all set to begin your AHCA background screening. Often, you do not even need an appointment – you can just walk right into the store.

Other Information

Depending on what part of the healthcare industry you are entering, you will have different levels of clearance you will have to follow. There are particular criminal offenses that do disqualify you from entering this profession. If you are concerned about your background, you can visit the AHCA website and see the information on AHCA background screening. They also accept some prescreening documents from other agencies and out of state practitioners. If you remain working or volunteering in the health care industry, you will be subject to re-screening every five years. Your employer or the AHCA will most likely inform you when that time is up.

Binary Biometrics in Brevard County will offer other services in addition to your AHCA background screening. You can get livescan fingerprinting for any other background checks such as when you volunteer, teach, become a notary republic or other careers. Whenever you need livescan fingerprinting, you can visit Binary Biometrics, Inc., or a similar company to get your background check without any hassle.