Non-Resident Mobile Fingerprinting

Non-resident mobile fingerprinting is convenient for companies that need to have groups of employees fingerprinted, but do not want to pay for those employees to leave their offices or posts to travel to another location. Mobile companies can come to locations in or out of state to fingerprint employees. An appointment can be made, and all employees can be fingerprinted right in the workplace on the same day.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Service

Both employers and employees alike can benefit from a non-resident mobile fingerprinting service by preventing employees from taking time away from work and reducing their productivity for the day. In addition, there are discounts available according to number of people fingerprinted on the same day at one location. Employees do not have to stand in long lines waiting to be fingerprinted when you take advantage of a mobile service. Small groups of employees can be summoned for fingerprinting, while others remain working at their desks or posts. The mobile fingerprinting professionals are certified, and able to provide the same level of fingerprinting services as law enforcement officials.

Paying for the Service

It is best to schedule an appointment for your company’s non-resident mobile fingerprinting services to be performed. The certified technicians can meet you and your employees before, during or after normal business hours. Payment is typically expected at time of service and cash, corporate checks or most credit cards can be accepted. The technician can provide a receipt and proof of certification.Processing fees can vary from state to state, which can impact the overall cost of a non-resident mobile fingerprinting service. The companies providing the fingerprinting services often have all the necessary equipment located in a large van, and employees step out to the van one at a time or in small groups.

Why is Mobile Fingerprinting Necessary?

There are a number of reasons why companies need to contract with non-resident mobile fingerprinting services. Fingerprints are usually needed for background checks for individuals who work with children at daycare centers, nurses in healthcare facilities, government employees in various agencies and other employees in sensitive positions.It is much more convenient for everyone involved to use a non-resident mobile fingerprinting service with technicians who can travel to the employees’ location.

Protection of Children

There are other uses for non-resident mobile fingerprinting services. Some schools offer parents the opportunity to have their children fingerprinted so that the prints can be kept on file for identification purposes. In the event a child gets lost or is abducted, the fingerprints can be very helpful in locating the missing child. Many parents appreciate it when schools offer fingerprinting services for the protection of their children.

Live scans are used to transmit the fingerprints electronically, which is much quicker than the old method of applying ink to a card. Identity theft is a serious concern, and non-resident mobile fingerprinting technicians are extremely careful with customer confidentiality. When the live scans are transmitted, the technicians use secure connections to preserve customer privacy, and they can usually accommodate special security requests from customers as well.