Nursing Home Employee Fingerprinting

In Florida, a number of occupations require background checks to be performed prior to an individual being hired. Many of these occupations are associated with providing care for the elderly and disabled, which is why nursing home employee fingerprinting is often required.

Board of Nursing Requirements

The Florida Board of Nursing oversees licensing for Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). Before a license can be obtained, these workers will need to undergo nursing home employee fingerprinting from a Livescan vendor such as Binary Biometrics. This allows the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct the necessary background checks with state and federal authorities. Those who would like to obtain a nursing license must submit to a background check, even if they are not working in a long-term care environment.

Developmentally Disabled and Elderly

Florida Statute 110.1127(3) a requires any individual who provides care to the developmentally disabled or elderly to undergo nursing home employee fingerprinting. This means that there could be other workers aside from nurses who would need to undergo nursing home employee background checks. Some examples of these workers could include physical therapists, respiratory therapists, and occupational therapists. Even those who work in a volunteer capacity must be screened if they provide direct patient care and actively participate more than 10 hours per month.

What’s Included

Nursing home employee fingerprinting may include a number of things in addition to a criminal background check, depending upon the requirements of the employer. Many also ask for an employment history to be run in addition to a criminal background check. Information could also be checked against registries for sex and violent offenders and child or dependent abuse in order to eliminate those who might cause harm to patients under their care. The results are never retained by Binary Biometrics, Inc., but instead are forwarded to the proper authorities so that the information can be used to make a hiring decision as quickly as possible.

How to Obtain

Obtaining nursing home employee fingerprinting is rather easy to do when you visit Binary Biometrics.  All that’s needed is a photo ID, method of payment, and name and address of requesting agency. For nurses, this number is likely to be different than it is for other employees of a nursing home. Binary Biometrics is happy to take individual appointments, but will also come to a remote location in order to process large numbers of people at the same time. Hiring managers at nursing homes can benefit by taking advantage of their mobile service whenever they have a number of positions to fill, because doing so can also ensure more timely results.

When it comes to finding a job at a nursing home, Binary Biometrics makes getting a background check convenient for everyone. With service to a number of locations in Florida, applicants can easily find one that is convenient for them. Schedule an appointment by calling 1-855-SCAN-MY-5 or visiting their website at