Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is responsible for issuing concealed weapons permits in the Sunshine State. As part of the application process, individuals who are trying to obtain a license will be required to undergo a Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services fingerprinting procedure with an authorized Livescan provider such as Binary Biometrics.

Application Process

Florida residents can either fill out an application for a concealed weapons permit online or at one of eight different regional offices that are located throughout the state. They can also download an application from this agency’ website and then submit it via U.S. mail. No matter which method of application is used, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services fingerprinting will still be required. These may be taken at a different time and then submitted electronically to the agency for their review.

Processing Time

Once Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services fingerprinting is submitted, it can take approximately 90 days for results to be obtained. This timeframe can be even longer if the results of Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services background checks reveal criminal activity. A representative from the department will notify applicants as to whether or not a permit will be granted, so those who have not received notice after 90 days are encouraged to call and check on the status of their application. In addition, there is also a portal on the department’s home page that will allow individuals to check the status as well.

License Renewal Requirements

Concealed weapons permits are generally good for a period of between five and seven years. When the renewal date approaches, the Department of Agriculture will send a notice reminding individuals that it is time to renew their license. This notice is normally sent out 150 days in advance in order to allow plenty of time for Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services fingerprinting. Additionally, permits may be renewed up to six months after their expiration, but citizens will incur an additional $15 fee for late processing, and will also be prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon until the renewal process is complete.

Advantages to using Binary Biometrics

Since Binary Biometrics has performed numerous Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services fingerprinting procedures in the past, they are extremely knowledgeable as to how this process works. As such, those who partner with them to have fingerprints taken can be sure their information will be handled in a very precise manner so that no unnecessary delays will occur. Their friendly staff provides mobile service in a number of Florida cities, making an initial application or renewal easy, affordable, and convenient. They provide group discounts, and offer several convenient payment methods as well.

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