The Benefits of LiveScan Fingerprinting

LiveScan fingerprinting is a method by which fingerprints can be taken electronically and sent to the appropriate law enforcement agency for identification. This method of identification has quickly become one of the most requested methods due to its clarity and efficiency. However, there are several additional benefits to using this method of fingerprinting for those entering the fields of working with the elderly, young and feeble.

Cleanliness and Clarity

LiveScan fingerprinting is much cleaner than the traditional ink and paper methods of securing fingerprints. As this method does not rely on ink to gather the prints, it also eliminates the potential for human error that can occur if too much or too little ink is used for the process. Additionally, the rolling requirement can easily alter the spread of the ink on the card, allowing for additional mistakes in identification.

Electronic Transmission

As LiveScan fingerprints are taken electronically, it also allows them to be sent to the Department of Justice almost immediately. The preciseness of the 3D scans provides clear fingerprint images, ensuring that the results can be returned as quickly as possible, with little to no potential for error.

Faster Results

LiveScan fingerprinting results are much faster than the ink variety. Generally, it can take up to two months for the results to be processed with ink fingerprinting. However, with LiveScan, that amount is dropped to only 72 hours. This makes the hiring process incredibly faster and more efficient, allowing employers to fill vacant positions much more quickly.

How It Works

If you require LiveScan fingerprinting, all you need to do is visit a qualified provider. The provider will scan your fingerprints using LiveScan technology. This scan will be sent to the appropriate law enforcement agency or Department of Justice for complete identification and clearance at the local, state and federal levels. Once the results are returned to the potential employer, you will be able to move forward with the hiring process if you passed the background check.

LiveScan fingerprinting is a much more efficient, effective and reliable method for completing background checks on potential employees. Using this form of biometrics will minimize the risk for mistakes and ensure that your results are returned as quickly as possible so you can move through the remaining steps for being hired.