The Pros of Conducting a Background Check

If you are hiring employees for your business, one of the most important things you can do to protect it and you is to conduct background checks prior to making new hires. Additionally, if you are a landlord, doing a background check on your prospective tenants, is essential. If you think the cost is prohibitive, keep reading to find out the pros, and why not doing these checks could cost you more. To order a background check for only $99, click here

Improved Employee Quality

Making the choice to hire a new employee is an important one. If you aren’t conducting background checks, you have to rely on the potential hire information to help you make your decision. With a background check, you can find out all the information you need, and verify whether the information you’ve been given is accurate. If a new hire is falsifying information in order to get the job, there is no guarantee that the same behavior won’t continue once he or she is hired.

Reduced Dishonesty Losses

If your company handles money or payments, you need to make sure you have trustworthy employees. Performing background checks can help minimize employee theft by making sure you don’t hire those with a background in the crime.


If you hire an employee with a history of assault and that person goes on to attack one of your employees, you could be found negligent. With a background check, you are automatically precluded from being negligent in most cases.


Many types of organizations are required to perform background screenings on potential employees who will be working with the elderly, children, the mentally impaired and in any medical capacity. By completing the screening on your own, you will ensure that you remain in compliance and are not subject to legal action.

Reduced Turnover

Hiring a new employee can be expensive, and those costs add up quickly if you have to repeatedly replace employees. A background check will allow you to screen out job hoppers and those with a questionable work history. This means you will be able to hire someone who is a fit for the position and has a stable work history as well.

There are many benefits to conducting pre-employment background checks. If you haven’t considered doing so in the past, now is a good time to start so you can begin protecting your organization.