Top Five Mobile LiveScan Benefits

LiveScan fingerprinting is a requirement in government, private and public positions. While you could always send those who need this to our location, you also have the option of arranging for mobile fingerprinting as well. The following are the top five reasons for considering mobile LiveScan.

It Saves Time

Mobile fingerprinting is a major time saver for anyone requiring LiveScans. Whether you are an employer who needs it for a pre-employment background check, or a school, church or community group, our mobile services can come right to you to ensure the fingerprints are taken in a timely manner. This is also a major benefit for potential hires, as they won’t be required to travel to another location.

Improved Wait Times

When the LiveScan can be performed in a timely manner, the results can often come back sooner as well. This minimizes the time required to determine whether you can go ahead with hiring or need to find another candidate.

Less Stressful

Whether for licensing or employment, missing school or work can be a problem for those requiring LiveScan. By offering our mobile fingerprinting, you are alleviating some of the hassle and stress for students and potential hires.

Being Proactive

Schools and licensing locations already know that the LiveScan prints will be required. Setting up mobile services means you are helping students take care of this part of their requirements so they can focus on schoolwork and exams – without trying to fit travel time into their schedules at the same time.

Faster Hiring

When you are trying to fill an empty position, time is everything. Offering mobile LiveScan® to your potential new hires ensures you won’t have to wait around for them to make it to a fingerprinting location on their own. You’ll know exactly when the prints are submitted, so you can plan accordingly as you wait for the response from the Department of Justice.

Mobile LiveScan provides many benefits for those requiring this type of background check. If you want to increase efficiency and speed up the process for everyone involved, contact us today and schedule your mobile services. We’ll arrive at the designated time and be ready to get started in just a matter of minutes.