Why Background Checks Matter

When it comes to hiring new employees, there are typically several steps in the process. One of the most important should be making sure you are doing background checks on potential employees. The people you hire have a considerable impact on your company, well beyond how well they perform the work.

Performing background checks ensures that you are bringing trustworthy people into your business. It is very easy for some less than scrupulous individuals to present themselves very well during interviews. Further, many of them also provide prearranged references and previous employers who will give the recommendation to hire. While you may not be aware of any issues, performing a background check will ensure that you are not conned during the hiring process.

Another important consideration for performing background checks is the safety of your current employees and customers. A background check will reveal whether a potential new hire has a history of violence or assault against others. This type of history can have a major impact on both you and your company’s reputation, especially if your business is taking care of the sick or elderly. Consequently, background checks are required by law in these types of businesses as a means of protecting those who may be unable to protect themselves.

You also need to be concerned with potential threats to your company due to theft and other crimes. By performing a background check, you ensure that you aren’t bringing someone into your organization who has a history of committing crimes. This can protect you from a myriad of issues, including losses due to theft, which can have serious consequences depending on your line of work. Additionally, some organizations work closely with many forms of identification, which can make it possible for new employees to steal that information and commit ID theft.

Pre-employment background checks are beneficial to you and your organization in many ways. While there are those who have managed to get back on the right path after committing crimes against others, it is much better to know for sure whether a potential new hire has only recently gotten out of jail or been charged with other crimes. Protect your business, your employees and your clients by making sure all new employees undergo background checks.