Understanding the Importance of Background Checks

When you hire an employee, you’re putting your trust in that individual. Not only are you potentially trusting them with cash (in the register, for instance), but you’re trusting the safety of your other employees as well as your customers, clients or patrons. It’s a significant leap, and not one that you can take chances with. Background checks provide employers with peace of mind that they have done their due diligence to ensure that an applicant does not pose a risk to the organization or those around them.

Sex Offenders

Sex offender background checks are most common in organizations and institutions where the employee or individual will work closely with minors. For instance, teachers, daycare workers and even Scouting volunteers must be thoroughly screened to prevent sexual predators or those with a history of sex offenses from coming into contact with minors. It is the organization or hirer’s responsibility to ensure that this check is conducted thoroughly, and failing to do so can result in serious legal ramifications, as well as potentially devastating consequences for the minors in question.

However, sex offender checks should go beyond the conventional checks for crimes involving minors. The increasing focus on sexual harassment, assault and equal treatment make it important for organizations to screen potential employees for any form of sex-related offenses.

Violent Crimes

The most violent of criminals can sometimes appear rational, calm and easy going, but beneath that cool fasade lurks the potential for life-threatening violence. A violent crimes background check will delve into that individual’s background and help employers determine if the applicant is a safe hire, if they pose a threat to those around them (both other employees and customers/clients), and more. Violent crime runs a wide gamut, from rape to armed robbery, murder and manslaughter to assault and much more. By thoroughly screening your applicants for violent crimes, you do your part to ensure a safe working environment for everyone involved.

Beyond Conventional Screening

Conventional background checks only go so far. In many instances, it’s strictly a county-related matter, which tells you nothing about what that individual might have been charged without beyond the county line, or in other states. A national background check is vital, particularly in today’s highly mobile society where one person might have lived in several different counties or even several different states. In the end, it’s all about safety and peace of mind.