Why Does LiveScan Fingerprinting Matter?

Background checks have become pretty common across all industries, but there are more stringent requirements in place for employment positions where the applicant will be in a position of trust. In these instances, a conventional background check is not sufficient. LiveScan fingerprinting (and possibly facial imaging) are required in order to comply with state and federal regulations. What is this type of scanning and what should employers know?


LiveScan is a unique fingerprint scanning solution that takes an applicant’s biometric information (fingerprint and possibly facial imaging) and scans that information to determine things like the individual’s criminal background. However, where a conventional criminal background check only compares the applicant’s information against the county’s records, LiveScan goes much deeper. It compares fingerprints against state and federal databases, as well as both violent and sexual offender databases. The biometric information is also stored for up to five years within both state and federal agency records.

What Positions Require LiveScan?

While not required for all positions in every industry, LiveScan is becoming more and more common, particularly in situations where the individual would be interacting with minors, large sums of money, trusted with someone’s healthcare and in other positions where trust is vital. For instance, the following positions can require LiveScan:

  • Teachers
  • Professional nurses
  • Accountants
  • Finance professionals
  • Scouting volunteers
  • Daycare workers

Why It Matters

Why is LiveScan better than conventional background checks? Simply put, it’s far more thorough, and provides employers with both peace of mind about the applicant’s background and trustworthiness, as well as compliance with state and federal regulations. Of course, regulations vary from one state to another, so a position that may not require LiveScan in one area will require it in another. LiveScan is also important with applicants who have had multiple addresses recently, as conventional background checks can miss essential information. It’s also important for providing peace of mind for parents, customers, clients and others the business serves.

Where to Turn

Not all background check providers are capable of offering LiveScan. It requires a significant investment in FBI-approved hardware and software, as well as knowledge of scanning processes and more. If your organization hires for positions of trust, it’s essential that you work with a certified organization that’s registered with both state and federal organizations as a LiveScan provider. It’s also important to ensure that the price for the company’s services includes state and federal fees for running background checks.